Friday, August 19, 2011

The 80's

I have this photo dated as 'about 1986'. I'm not sure of the occasion, if any, or perhaps we just took the chance to get a family photo when Maria was home. Peter was back in Hawera by now, but living at the fire station or flatting. Jo must have still been at High School, and it was around the time I switched from Sacred Heart to Hawera High. Maybe Maria was back for her 21st. She's so trendy with her red hair and that dress - I think I may still have that dress somewhere, I know I kept it for ages. Mum and Jo in their cardies, I look pretty grungy. Rebecca probably loved that jumpsuit, but I don't remember it! Dad looking jolly enough that I suspect this was taken sometime well after beer o'clock. Chris, you little blond angel. Peter of course, with the oh-so-80's moustache...

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  1. I moved to Aussie after I turned 21, as part of my big life adventure. That dress reminds me of Sydney, so the timing is right!